Boutique Resorts in Goa

During the stay at Olaulim Backyards, for those who want more than just plain pastimes of reading or the lure of an afternoon siesta, we suggest a few outdoor activities that might take the edge off the leisure quotient.


The manos, the water body in front of our property, offers a splendid chance to try out the in-house inventory of canoes/kayaks and a rowing boat and their use is not just limited to those with experience. For the relatively more adventurous, the water body leads on to the Mandovi river and you have the opportunity to visit the famous Chorao Bird Sanctuary enroute or the neighbouring village of Aldona. The interesting aspect of these backwaters is their resident bird species and mangrove forest


The winding roads in the neighbourhood, leading to the village and beyond, are considerably quiet due to negligible traffic and very conducive to exploratory cycling. Not only do you get a dose of aerobic exercise, it’s also a wonderful opportunity to watch life go by in a typical Goan village.


The local river fish is definitely worth writing home about, in terms of taste. We could arrange a chance to fish with the local enthusiasts, using either a line or fishing net. Don’t’ forget to bring in your catch so that we can prepare it for you a'la Goan style.

Bird Watching

Have a pair of binoculars and you could turn birdwatcher considering the sheer number of avian species that flock the area. You name it - Golden Oreole, Lapwing, Drungoo, several species of Sunbird, Kingfisher and the amazing Hornbill. The water birds that visit the water body up front include Cormorants, Egrets, Ducks and Storks. >>read more

Nature Walk

You can walk along the interesting small roads around the village and see the beautiful houses enroute or you can venture out to the nature around on narrow paths. There’s a big hill close by from where you get a beautiful view and, especially during the monsoon, see flocks of peacocks dancing

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