Boutique Resorts in Goa

The guest accommodation consists of four cottages, unique in size and décor, situated in different levels of the foliage in the backyard. They are very rustic, choosing to make best of locally available elements like bamboo, local stone , coconut wood and palm leaves. The cottages are all air-cooled, the windows are large thus capturing the through breeze, and enabling you to sleep and reside completely in harmony with nature. The bathrooms are tropical style, roof partly open to invite sunlight and offering a vista painted by the Goan sky and towering trees. All the rooms have a safe and a tea/coffee maker.

Sun Bird Cottage

Large enough for a family of three, this cottage is built by the edge of the paddy field, the same level as the swimming pool. A four poster bed, antique furniture and a total wow factor added by the sit-out in front, overlooking the paddies and the river.
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Horn Bill Cottage

Again comfortable and roomier enough for a family with two children. It is built partly in the rock on the slope and has a king-size double bed and a loft in the rock for children to sleep on . To add to the pleasures of the sit-out, there is an expansive balcony opening out to a panoramic view of the coconut grove.
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Golden Oriole Cottage

Smaller in size and perfect for a couple. Honeymoons, romantic weekends, you name it. The large windows overlook the swimming pool and the lake. There is an outdoor staircase down to the toilet below. It is situated on a highest level and the walk up from the pool to the cottage will surely keep you fit.
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Indian Pitta Cottage

Our newest cottage built with rammed earth. Spacious room with twin bed and two extra beds. Sit­out facing the fields and lake . Roomy and earthy with small garden in the bathroom.
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